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Informers for website

Make your website more informative and attractive, add Forex interactive informers!

Informer is a block of information displaying the actual data for users on your website! Those blocks are to inform in a quick and brief manner about current news, currency quotes, actual economic events, FX reviews.

Earn more money on attracting clients with the help of informers.

Available informers

  • AUDUSD0.785970% ▼
  • CADCHF0.786630% ▼
  • EURAUD1.531420% ▼
  • EURGBP0.886650% ▼
  • EURJPY136.210000% ▼
  • EURRUB68.880480% ▼
  • EURUSD1.203670% ▼
  • GBPJPY153.613000% ▼
  • GBPUSD1.357540% ▼
  • NZDUSD0.717100% ▼
  • USDCHF0.975040% ▼
  • USDJPY113.154000% ▼
  • USDRUB57.156000% ▼
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If you have any questions or troubles adding those widgets to your website, do not hesitate to contact our support service!
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